Dissertation Outline

Shaping your dissertation outline: Tips to write your best Dissertation

Writing your dissertation thesis is one of the most daunting and time-consuming phases for post-graduate and Ph.D. students. However, such written tasks are incredibly important in any educational program because they help students acquire those skill sets and ensure success in their future endeavors. The foremost thing which student overlook while starting with the dissertation is the dissertation outline. It can be extremely messy if you don’t start your essay with a proper outline template.

You can’t even imagine how easier writing would be after outlining your dissertation. It will not just save time and effort but will make the writing job simpler and will keep your focused. Also, outlining is not very difficult and can simplify a lot of things if it is sketched and structured well. All you have to do is work on it step-by-step and connect all the steps together to complete the entire puzzle (your dissertation). So, how do you create a good to-do list? Here are some dissertation writing tips which you can use for making a coherent dissertation.

Start your investigation for a good topic

Choose your area of investigation and go through various academic journals and manuals from different authors/scientist in that field. Read papers written by other people and find a good topic for writing your dissertation.

Research and speak with your advisor

Formulate the main ideas and research on the topic you have selected. Speak with your advisor about the methodology you are planning to use. Also, read other investigations and ideas and take notes of everything related you come across.

Use linear planning approach for your dissertation outline

This is the best time for planning and organizing each section of your thesis. Linear planning creates a distinct and intuitive outline. You can discuss with your supervisor and use the chapter heading recommended by your supervisor. Usually, the outline follows the way mentioned below. The Terminologies and review of the literature are one-chapter and quantitative, qualitative methodologies and supporting theory are one-chapter. So, this outline can be used for the five-chapter dissertation.

  1. Introduction and rationale

Why are you doing this? What made you select this topic?

  • Research questions and terminology

Explain all the terminologies used so that they are clear.

  • Review of the literature

What is the underlying conceptual and theoretical idea? What are the main key texts?

  • Qualitative Research Methodology

Pros and Cons of different methods. Data collections, data analysis. You can include a questionnaire, interview, and observation.

  • Quantitative Methodology

Instrumentation and observations. Include numbers, samples, populations. Research question and hypotheses and data analysis. Discussion of data.

  • Supporting theorists and counter arguments

Does some theory support your idea? Or you can counter some theory. Include it here.

  • Conclusion and Future scope

Conclude on your finding in relation to the research question. Summarize it and write a suggestion for further research.

  • Appendices and Bibliography

Additional materials. All the references and material used.

As a visual approach helps more, you can also make a concept map for creating your dissertation outline.

Submit your dissertation proposal to your supervisor

After you have created an outline, it’s time to submit a dissertation proposal. Collect data, analyze it and speak with your supervisor and get his approval to be sure that you haven’t left out anything.

Write your ideas and results from the investigation

This is where you start writing your dissertation. Phrase your thoughts concerning the result of the investigation. Write/Rewrite your content starting from introduction to conclusion. Fills all the gaps in your finding and writing. Be confident that you have covered all the intended objectives.

Proofread and polish your dissertation

Make the necessary adjustments. Once you are done with final adjustments, polish it and get it to proofread from online companies or platforms which provide dissertation writing help or ask your friend to do so. Make sure it is in compliance with your supervisor’s requirement and run it through a plagiarism check.