A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing a Good Dissertation Topic

Writing a good dissertation paper starts with choosing a good topic. If you don’t have a good dissertation topic, then don’t expect your paper to be any better. That is why you should be careful in choosing one. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you with this.

What Makes a Good Dissertation Topic?


An ideal dissertation topic should be unique. It should never be used before. The topic is the first impression that your reader gets about your paper. So, if it happens that the reader has seen a similar topic to yours before, they will most likely not go through your work.

They will assume they already know what is in the paper. Therefore, before you start writing on a topic, ensure it is highly original.

Adds Value to the Field of Research

A perfect dissertation topic should bring a new idea to the field of research. It should not be about the same things that have been researched for years. It will not be helpful to the readers or even yourself.

Remember the essence of writing a dissertation paper is to add knowledge. So, if you are writing about something that your readers already know, you are not helping them. You will be wasting your time because it won’t help you either.


A dissertation topic that is not interesting won’t attract the attention of your readers. If you don’t grab the attention of your readers, then you will not succeed in passing the message that you wanted through your research.

You should, therefore, have a topic that is not only interesting to write about, but also one that readers will find intriguing. You are writing to your readers, not yourself and you should, therefore, consider their interests.

These readers may be your potential employers, project sponsors, or professors. So, how do you expect to get that job opportunity, funding for your project or good grades if the paper isn’t interesting to read?

Covers Research Area you are Familiar With

Always find a topic that covers the subject areas that you are accustomed to. You don’t want to start writing on a topic that will get you stuck without knowing where or what to do next. With an area you are familiar with, it will be fast and easy for you to write.


What resources and time do you have at your disposal? A good topic should be manageable within these resources and time. You don’t want to select a topic that will take two years to research and write on whereas you are supposed to submit your paper within a year.

This will not be helpful to you or your readers. You should also check your budget and evaluate whether the topic is manageable within that budget to prevent being stuck because of lack of enough finances to conduct research.

Related to Field of Research

If you are conducting a case study in the field of engineering, then your topic should not be about medicine. This will be confusing to your readers. Ensure it is related to that field to ensure the readers can relate it to your field even at a glance.

Sources of good Topic

Professional Interests

What are you most interested in? Base your topic in such to make writing fun. With your interests guiding you, you will be eager to do more research and therefore learn more in the process.


The Internet has made everything easier nowadays. You can do a simple search online and find a wide range of topics that you can write about.


You can go through professional journals where you will find hundreds of dissertation topics to write about. Through professional journals, you will also expand your knowledge in your field.


You can base your topic on a theory that has some questionable elements or one that is new in the world. You can come up with a topic that you can argue out as long as you have facts to support it.


Your professional colleges can be a good source of dissertation topics. Listen to them through your casual or professional talks. From such talks, you can get a fine idea that can get you an intriguing topic to write about.

Your Job

You most likely spend most of your time in your office. What problems do you encounter? Do you have an idea on you can improve your job setting? Think critically about anything you observe in your work setting. You can get a research topic to write about in your dissertation.

Presentations, Seminars, and Conferences

You should attend a presentation made by other people on their dissertations. You can an idea to write about based on their arguments. You can also get something they missed during their research and then base your topic on that.

Seminars and conferences act the same. Attend as many as you can. There are many people presenting their ideas and you can take that opportunity to get a good topic idea.

Steps to come up with a good Topic idea

After you have found ideas using the above sources, how do you come with the actual topic that you will write about? Below are some steps to follow:

  • Gather as many topic ideas as possible
  • Test each idea against the above qualities of a good topic. This is meant to ensure you get one that best fits those qualities. One that won’t get you lost in between writing
  • Narrow down to one that best fits your research. Improve it and start working on it


A journey of thousands of miles starts with a single step. The same applies when it comes to writing a dissertation – you start with a good topic and work all the way to crafting something that will add knowledge to your readers.

The about guide lays out everything you need to know about choosing a topic to write about in your dissertation. If you need more assistance, dissertationtopics.info is the way to go. This is a good place for those students who want to find some dissertations topics and tips.